I’m passionate about seeing women thrive, not just survive, when navigating the challenges of life.  I know intimately, how easy it is in the busy day to day, to lose connection with ourselves; with the vitality of our heart and soul.

When was the last time you were able to talk freely about your aspirations and doubts without being dismissed, judged or given advice?  When was the last time you felt someone was really there, just for you, supporting you to be vibrant, brave and beautiful; overflowing with enthusiasm and love for your life?

I offer one-to-one sessions on Skype, zoom, or in person, if you are in Sydney.  During these sessions, my role is to listen deeply, to reflect back what I sense, so I can offer practices and tools that soothe and restore vitality to you, body, mind & soul.

This is an insightful and energising process that can bring great clarity and peace of mind.  I hold a safe space for you as you move away from what’s no longer working, towards what you yearn for, overcoming obstacles and tuning into your inner wisdom.  Sometimes we laugh. Sometimes we cry. Sometimes its light. Sometimes we go deep. It can be fun. It can be scary. It can be liberating. It can be profound.

Time frame:

I recommend a six session program to start.
The sessions take place over 3 or 6 months.


Packages start from $1800, which includes 2 x 90 minute sessions and 4 x 60 minute sessions and support between sessions to keep you on track with the new things you are practicing in your life.

My commitment is to support you to get your desired outcomes over the period of time we are working together, not just the time we spend together one-to-one.  Your commitment is to follow through on the practices that will facilitate change.  The magic happens through the integration of new practices.  Having me to be accountable to can make all the difference for following through.  I’m also here when things go wrong and you need a gentle nudge to get back on track.

How do I know if this is for me?

Its not uncommon to have doubts and reservations about coaching.  It can feel safe and comfortable to stay with the pain we know, despite the suffering it causes. But sooner or later, we get sick of it and that’s when we know its time for a change.  Having the desire and making the decision often isn’t enough, because we only know the ways we are familiar with and we often find ourselves falling back into familiar patterns despite our best intentions.  If this is where you are now, then it sounds like you are ready.  Its important for us to establish whether we are suited and aligned before we start working together.  That’s why I offer a 30 minute alignment session.  This is a chance to get to know each other and discover the nature of what is stirring within you. It’s a non-binding offering because it’s important to me that we both feel it’s a good fit before we commit to more sessions together.  I will be upfront and honest about what support I feel will benefit you. I also have full trust in your innate knowing.

Tania’s ability to be flexible to my needs and tailor a program was great for me. The process of determining why I was talking to her was really helpful and her ability to listen in a non judgemental way gave me a lot of freedom and confidence in her. I discovered I had more stress and emotion than I had realised.  Once I recognised this, I could work on what was making me feel this way.  I now have a greater ability to cope with difficult times and see them for what they are.  I’ve stopped projecting  about “what if” and I’m less hard on myself.  I have greater confidence and I’m less concerned about what people think of me.  I’m more inclined to follow the things I want to, rather than the things I feel I should want to.  It is empowering to be able to think about things more calmly. I’m now able to observe when I am reacting emotionally and I’ve changed the physical reaction I had to certain circumstances.  I was reluctant to spend money on a program, however the investment was well worth while and I continue to get good value from it.

Jenny L

Jenny L

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