Would you like to be less stressed, reactive, worried or cranky?  And feel more relaxed, calm and patient?  

Turn Up Your Zen is an experiential program that is very dear to my heart.  I created it after experiencing first hand the calming benefits of daily meditation during a 5 month European road trip with my family in 2015.  And now, I want to share those benefits with you.  

The truth is we all have access to a calm, peaceful, zen-like monk within us, however life can be demanding and overly busy, pushing us to our limits taking us away from feeling at peace and able to respond to life in a considered way.  Learning how to stay centred under pressure, means we can turn up our zen-like abilities in times of need.

Learn how to trade your stress for peace at Turn Up Your Zen, a 6 week meditation program with a difference.

Close up seated Meditation hands

By taking part in this program, you will:
• Learn more than 10 different meditation techniques;
• Discover the techniques that works best for you;
• Enjoy the numerous benefits of regular meditation;
• Commit, practice regularly and establish a new habit of trading stress for calm;
• Receive support within a group of like-minded people.

Take the journey with me:

While travelling through Sicily in 2015, I remember thinking, “I should be relaxed, I’m on the trip of a life time, why am I so irritable!”  But travelling as we did, whilst home schooling, was stressful:  We were constantly on the move, sleeping in different beds every 2-3 nights, eating different foods to those we knew and liked (despite enjoying the glorious local food), each living out of a small suitcase, being tired and away from friends and family.   I wanted to enjoy every moment, especially the challenging ones like when things got lost (which included us on occasion) and when we couldn’t speak the language. I wanted to create beautiful memories for us all to share for the many years to come. Having taught yoga and meditation for a number of years, I knew that I could turn things around by changing my state, rather than masking it with “positivity”.  In recognising how uptight I was, I made a decision to do it differently, I started using different meditation techniques every day to change how I was thinking and how I was feeling. Whilst my family and I physically journeyed by car, ferry, train and plane between Sicily, Sardinia, Spain, Portugal and Morocco, I took a parallel internal journey, from being easily upset to being able to manage my state more proactively.

I invite you to take the 6 week journey with me and experience these techniques and their benefits for yourself.  During this time you will learn how to:

  • Calm yourself when you feel overwhelmed and reactive;
  • Release physical tension when you feel uptight and learn how to relax your body;
  • Swap the inner critic AKA “your inner bully” (who critiques many things, including what you look like in a bikini…) for “your inner buddy” who sees the beauty, loves and appreciates everyone and everything just as they are.
  • Release judgment and criticism for yourself and others, so you can be supportive.
  • Increase your awareness.
  • Become more mindful.
  • Feel more connected to yourself and others.
  • Create more love and compassion for yourself and others.

I took part in Turn Up Your Zen because my job had overtaken my life, it was extremely busy, with long days.  I wanted to know how to stop that overwhelming feeling.  I found the program to be very peaceful,  calming and very relaxing for my body and my mind.  It showed me how to stop and breathe, to be present and the importance of ‘making time’ to do this on a regular basis.  This has allowed me to reassess and recharge for the year ahead. The ‘best’ part was coming together in a small group to share the learning experience.  I would definitely recommend the course to others.

Joanne R

Joanne RHR Manager

I know all too well how hectic life can get.  Returning to Australia, I was amazed at how fast paced Sydney life is and how many people are racing around, worried and anxious in response to the speed and volume of life’s demands.  It may feel normal to be overly busy, snappy and stressed out by the pressures of work and family and relationships at work, home & play.  It can be overwhelming!  But our response to it doesn’t have to be frantic,  reactive and apologetic.  By developing the skills that keep you centred, calm and relaxed, you can navigate the pressures of life with more clarity, calm and peace of mind.

The program includes:

  • A weekly session, in which you will learn one or more meditation techniques and review your practice, getting tips and feedback to keep you on track and reaping the benefits;
  • Support to start a daily practice, at a time that suits you, so you can develop new habits;
  • A journal and workbook;
  • Online support to ask questions; share your experiences; work through challenges and keep moving towards your meditation goals;
  • Lifetime access to recordings of each different meditation.

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Most people experience two challenges with meditation:  

The first is finding the meditation technique that works for them.  

The second is then sticking to it, so it  becomes a regular practice.  

That’s why I created this program to be unique, by including personalised support to overcome the obstacles that get in the way. 

Why integrated meditation?  

The benefits of meditation are yours to enjoy when you commit to regular practice.  It’s only through practice that you will develop a new habit and start to experience the shifts that influence thinking and behaviour.  That’s why I offer additional support, so you can integrate these practices into your life and experience life differently.  Learning the techniques and knowing about them doesn’t create change, but the ongoing practice and self enquiry does.

I was aware of the benefits of meditation but it was hard to find time to do it.  So I decided to do this, just for myself.  It was a big deal to allow myself the time to attend, but now I know its OK to sit still. I have a better ability to manage my day and my relationships are calmer. I now have stress management skills I didn’t have before.  My advice to anyone thinking of doing the course – just do it!

Wendy N

Wendy NGranny

You will experience:

  • Ten different meditation styles, so you find the one that’s perfect for you;
  • Recorded meditations to guide you with developing your own practice at home;
  • 3 months of continued, online support after the course to help you continue to maintain your meditation practice.
  • Optional: Three x 30min one-to-one mentor calls via phone or Skype with me over the course of the program, to support you in overcoming the obstacles that stop you from getting results you desire, so you can feel great.

Tania has a beautiful meditation voice  – it envelopes you in warmth and kindness.  She has the most loving, accepting, kind and generous nature – I am inspired by her.  It was like chicken soup for the soul! The perfect holistic experience. 

Katie B

Katie BLandscape Designer

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