Most of us are rarely present in this very moment.

Like an untrained puppy left to its own devices, our minds have a tendency to wander off to the future or the past…  The mind likes to anticipate future events, meetings, expectations, performance and in the process, it can generate feelings of worry, fear, doubt and anxiety. Alternately, the mind drifts back to past events; conversations, situations, feelings and what we thought about that.  Like a cow that keeps on chewing its cud, we may ruminate, reliving these past events, allowing them, for better or worse, to influence our judgement. When preoccupied with thoughts about the past, or the future, the mind is not present to enjoying life as it is taking place now.

Unlike our physical body, we rarely take the time to rest and replenish this busy mind…

That is one of the many benefits of meditation. When we meditate, we cultivate the skills that allow us to be more present; less anxious and reactive; happier and more relaxed both mentally and physically.  Meditation can also increase our focus and clarity.  Its scientifically proven to increase creative problem solving skills.  Its also pathway to creating more peace and harmony.  There are so many paths meditation can take us down.

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