My greatest loves are my two daughters; my husband and the travels we have together. Oh and Holly, our Border Collie. I adore  discovering new places; trying the food; immersing myself in the culture and exploring untouched, natural beauty. My favorite time of day is sunrise, when the world is peaceful and full of possibility. I’m an enthusiast for visiting local food markets, walking barefoot along the beach, snowboarding in the mountains and hiking through the bush/woods.

I became depleted and burnt out, after years of playing the perfectionist, workaholic. My journey to healing led me to study various styles of coaching, yoga, nutrition and meditation. Life transformed as I became more aware of my habitual ways of being and I explored ways to challenge my thinking; understand my feelings; choose my actions and re-balance my lifestyle for more peace and harmony. It’s been a huge adventure that continues every day.

My passion for helping women discover authentic ways to create more harmony, comes from my own experience of growing from struggle to peace of mind. I’m here to listen and support you.

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