Stress is reported as the biggest risk to our health:  Earning a living takes up most of our waking hours and the stress of managing deadlines; office politics and customer relations can take its toll on our state of mind and our physical wellbeing.

Coaching, nutrition, yoga and meditation are practical tools that cultivate a mindful approach to dealing with pressure both in and out of the office.

Here at Nourish MBS, we offer practical, fluff-free workshops and retreats that empower teams to:

  • Recognise stress, how it manifests and ways you can manage it effectively;
  • Develop skills that reduce feelings of overwhelm and anxiety;
  • Manage lifestyle for greater balance between work and play;
  • Make healthier diet choices for mental clarity and physical vitality;
  • Think more clearly and communicate more effectively;
  • Increase creative thinking and problem solving;
  • Feel better about themselves, their co-workers and their place of work.

Tania has facilitated well being events for Westpac, Lulu Lemon, Ravenswood School for Girls, Fitness First and Optus.

Like to have a chat about improving mind body wellness in your workplace?  Send us an email.

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